Two Bare Feet Standard 3 Piece Aluminium SUP Paddle


This adjustable aluminium paddle is the perfect accessory for your new paddleboard. This is such a versatile paddle it is no wonder we include one with each of our premium paddleboard starter packs.

Ergonomic T-Bar handle for a comfortable grip
Sturdy, quick release? length adjustment clasp
AdjustableHeight: 162cm – 210cm
Blade Surface Area: 120in2 / 774cm2 (approx)
Shaft Diameter: 3cm (30mm)
Shaft Thickness: 0.1cm (1mm)
Overall Weight: 1080g / 2.33lbs

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Our Two Bare Feet Standard Aluminium SUP paddle features a handy 3-piece design, making it convenient and portable. The adjustable size allows for a comfortableHeight no matter the size of the rider – at its shortest length measuring 162cm but it extends to 210cm.?The sturdy, quick release length adjustment clasp also?makes for easy adjustment of the paddle length while out on the water.?
The robust aluminium shaft and?dual strengthened contoured PP blade offers minimal flex for maximum power through the water. The relatively flat blade design also allows for clean exit from the water on the recovery stroke for ease of use.