Two Bare Feet Entradia (Allround XL) 10’10” x 34″ x 6″ Inflatable SUP


Two Bare Feet Entradia (Allround XL) 10’10” x 34″ x 6″ Inflatable SUP

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The Entradia is one of Two Bare Feets longest standing SUPs, and It’s only getting better with upgraded performance specs year on year! They designed this range to suit beginner and intermediate paddlers alike. The performance is unrivalled at this price thanks to the newest generation of our tried and tested DWF (Double Wall Fabric) which is reinforced with a sturdy 1000 denier textile weave to add rigidity and save weight throughout. This material comes in a super lightweight gauge on the deck, with a slightly thicker and tougher gauge on the underside where it counts.

Rather than adding a heavy second layer of PVC, They keep the weight down with PVC laminate strips on the top and bottom of the deck that add extra tensile strength to the lightweight material. This increase in tensile strength on both sides of the board significantly boosts rigidity. The combination of the Entradia?s low weight and the added strength of the strips means your paddle strokes are more effective and you have a stable, yet responsive and agile board.
The Entradia Allround XL 10’10”
This 10’10” x 34″ x 6″ model has been designed as an allround board most suitable for medium to large riders thanks to the extra 6″ thickness. it’ll comfortably float a rider and passenger, or you can load it up with cargo for a long day on the water, utilising the extra space the 10’10” length provides. The moderate-to-wide 34″ width provides a stable base which is great for learning on but won’t become a hinderance too quickly to paddlers progressing their skills fast.

These characteristics mean the Entradia 10’10” is capable of performing in any conditions for larger paddlers, from flat water distance paddling to white water fun and surfing. It’s also a fantastic family option which can be shared among parents and multiple children during days at the beach.


– Length: 10’10”
– Width: 34″
– Depth: 6″
– Material Construction: Ultra-lightweight DWF Double Wall PVC with stiffening laminations
– Air Chambers: Single high density composite drop-stitched air chamber (18psi rated)
– Board Volume: 345 Litres (Approximately)
– Board Weight: 9.9kg (22lbs)
– Maximum Payload: 210kg (460lbs)
– Recommended Payload for Beginners: 125kg (275lbs)
– Intended Use: Allround use
– Fin Setup: 2 small 2.5″ sidebite fins, plus 1 large 9″ removable centre fin (2 + 1)
– D-Rings: 4 deck mounted accessory D-rings, 1 tail-mounted leash attachment & 1 towing D-ring underneath the nose
– Deckgrip: 5mm EVA padding with heat-moulded custom TBF grip pattern
– Straps: 1 centre, 1 nose & 1 tail mounted carry strap
– Bungee Storage: Standard storage bungee to nose of board

– Includes the following items

– Removable 9″ centre fin
– High pressure SUP pump with dual action function
– Maintenance & repair kit
– Downloadable online user guide
– Warranty registration card (1 year warranty)

Available in Aqua or Pink