Two Bare Feet 2 Piece Fibreglass Hybrid SUP Paddle (Aqua)


A new addition to the Two Bare Feet SUP range, our 2-piece Fibreglass Hybrid paddles bridge the gap between aluminium and carbon so you can keep costs down but still get your hands on a paddle that is both lightweight and durable.?
The 2-piece design keeps these paddles lightweight, makes them strong and provides unifrom flex throughout the entire length of the paddle – Making them increasingly easy to use.

Shaft Material:?Fibreglass
Shaft Diameter:?30mm (1.3″)
Blade Area:?120 inch? approx.
Sections: 2 piece
Length:?162cm – 210cm
Gross Weight: 860g
Blade Material:?PP

You may also be interested in purchasing one of our Paddle Conversions for the option to convert this paddle for use as a double ended kayak paddle.



Our 2-piece Fibreglass Hybrid SUP paddles offer that next step up from your basic aluminium option. The shaft is made from 100% fibreglass and features a smart, ribbed finish in matte black. The quick release extension clip makes for easyHeight adjustment from 162cm to 210cm and an ergonomic grip on top means you can find a comfortable position for a long day on the water.?
The 2-Piece design of these paddles makes them lightweight, strong and predicatble to use, with uniform flex throughout the entire paddle length.
The fibreglass construction of the shaft sheds over 200 grams in weight when compared with our aluminium option and this lack of weight will go a long way to help you paddle harder for longer.?The shaft is the coupled with an improved PP blade for greater power transfer and is finished in matte in a choice of five colours.?
whilst this fibreglass hybrid paddle will float, it is advised to attach a paddle leash or flotation device to the paddle to prevent the paddle from sinking or becoming separated from the rider.