PVC Mask & Snorkel 2pc Set (Red)


Our quality PVC 2 Piece adults Mask and Snorkel sets are fantastic quality and offer great value for money. Perfect for snorkelling or diving holidays, these starter sets are designed for comfort, durability and performance.

High quality tempered glass lens with wide view vision
Double feather-edged skirt gives a close fit and complete seal
Adjustable head strap
Large bore snorkel allows for easy breathing and cleaning
Comfortable and flexible mouthpiece
Suitable for ages 10+

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PVC Mask
Constructed from a high quality PVC plastic, each mask boasts a tempered glass lens which offers a wide view of vision. The double feather-edged skrit is also soft and comfortable and provides a close fit with an amazing seal. One size fits all as the adjustable head strap allows you to get the fit just right.
Standard Snorkel
Also included in the set is a colour-matched large bore snorkel, complete with soft and flexible mouthpiece. Large splash guards help reduce the chance of? you swallowing any water and also features a sliding clip to attach to your mask for ease of use.?
These adults mask and snorkel sets are a fantastic and very affordable way to get into snorkelling. At Two Bare Feet we also offer children’s mask and snorkel sets so the whole family can experience underwater adventures.
General Instructions & Care
This diving equipment allows you to see underwater and breathe of the surface without taking your face out of the water. For your safety and greater enjoyment learn to use this equipment correctly before entering the water and it will give you great service. For prolonging the life of your snorkel set, ensure you always rinse the mask and snorkel in clean water after each use. Allow to dry naturally and store out of direct sunlight.