GoLo Rugby Tackle Pads – Size: Youth


GoLo Rugby Tackle Pads

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GoLo tackle pads are an internationally patented product designed to help rugby players easily identify target areas to help make the perfect tackle. GoLo is a multi functioning product as it allows defenders to easily target the correct tackle areas while also allowing attackers to move freely throughout training.

The product is made from a high density tackle foam and wrapped with a military grade material to ensure it is durable.


  • 4x Padded Leg Areas 
  • 1 Large Waste Padding Area
  • 2x Large Targets
  • 3x Easily Adjustable Velcro Straps
  • High Density Tackle Foam
  • Military Grade Material
  • Zero Friction Velcro Straps

Size: Youth
Colour: N/A
Brand: Golo
Barcode: GOLOYO

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