33″ Flowers Bodyboard (Raspberry)


High density EPS core for the best strength and durability
IXPE textured deck for a soft, smooth ride which reduces stress after flexing and recoil
Crescent tail design makes for the most versatile user-friendly board and perfect for drop knee riding
HDPE slick bottom (High density polyethylene) which adds elasticity which improves recoil to the original shape of the board after flexing.
Supplied with velcro leash

Do you want to buy more than one bodyboard? It will be worth looking at our Double or Triple Bodyboard packs to get a great deal on board and a carry bag sets.

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Our 33″ bodyboards are most suitable for smaller riders. They?boast a soft, textured IXPE deck which are more durable and grippy than cheaper fabric covered boards and they are combined with a super-smooth HDPE slick base to make easy gliding across and through the water.
The slick (base) side of this bodyboard features a retro flower inspired logo in a complimentary colourway to the deck. On the topside the Two Bare Feet logo sits on a solid raspberry deck with a ready to ride stance.
Height: 33 inch / 84cm
Width: 20 inch / 51cm
Depth: 2 inch / 5cm
Suitable for ages 5+

If you are unsure which size board to purchase, keep in mind that the length of your bodyboard should ideally allow the nose to be within 2″ above or below your belly button when standing the board on the floor.